Beechleaf Design is a nimble association of marketing professionals with an impressive breadth of experience and highest quality standards.

  • We take pride in our reputation as pleasant, positive, and responsive collaborators. We have a real-world understanding of the needs of non-profit organizations, and we love helping to make their jobs easier.
  • We offer timely delivery of customized products.
  • Our roots in the local community are deep, with knowledge of local trends and current events.
  • We have a broad network of colleagues to tap into, so that we are flexible, scalable, and have access to the best experts in each field.
  • Our efficient setup and flexible collaborative methods allow us to provide our clients with exceptional marketing services that work within their budgetary needs.


Rose Lowry has a lifelong interest and work history in marketing and design in an unexpectedly broad array of experience that is like cross-training: each project helps her be more creative and broad-minded about every other project! She also has a deep level of understanding for the complications our clients are facing, and loves providing peace of mind while providing powerful solutions.

April Walker has an elegant sense of design and impeccable attention to detail which pairs especially well with her no-nonsense approach to marketing communication projects.

Associates: Between our years of experience and spreading our roots in the region, we have established a deep network of exceptional colleagues. We don’t hesitate to access partnerships best suited for a particular project’s parameters, to provide the highest quality of final product.

Client list includes Signal Climate Analytics, Northern Forest Center, Tufts Medical Center, Capital Center for the Arts, Brookstone, Eastern Mountain Sports, myriad non-profits, educational organizations, municipal associations, tech/engineering companies, and start-ups.

Approach and Working Methods

We like to work. We work fast. We pride ourselves in mastery of the software we use, and delight in attention to detail and accuracy.

Like most designers, we love the creative process. Our combined exposure, experience, and interests fuel our creativity with ideas from all kinds of sources. But we always keep the end user in mind, the audience, and the marketing needs of the company. No design is valuable unless it functions smoothly, so we have a policy of less flash and more functionality. User experience is steeped into every design we create. Our only goal is to create marketing pieces that work for you.

We are a green company, utilizing eco-friendly products and policies at every level of our production.