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Beechleaf Design is the combined talent of April Walker and Rose Lowry. We both have girly names but are not girly. Contrary to the belief of some we do not actually live in the same house but we work together as if we do.

Background and Experience

Beechleaf Design is a nimble association of talented designers. We utilize all the tools and connections at our disposal to provide our clients with efficient and effective marketing pieces.

We have been in this business for over 45 years between us, doing graphic design, website design, project management, art direction, illustration and marketing for businesses, small agencies and in-house art departments. Our client list includes Brookstone, Eastern Mountain Sports, local towns and organizations, publishers, artists, technical companies, and a plethora of non-profits.

Approach and Working Methods

We like to work. We work fast. We pride ourselves in mastery of the software we use, and delight in attention to detail and accuracy.

Like most designers, we love the creative process. Our combined exposure, experience, and interests fuel our creativity with ideas from all kinds of sources. But we always keep the end user in mind, the audience, and the marketing needs of the company. Our only goal is to create marketing pieces that work for you.

We are a green company, utilizing eco-friendly products and policies at every level of our production.

Rose's website/portfolio from before we became partners in crime: